Kenya: Uasin Gishu County reports most Covid 19 vaccine side effects

Uasin Gishu has reported 166 cases of Covid 19 side effects, the highest of the 47 counties in Kenya.

This is 79 more than it had recorded by July when the county had reported 87 cases second to Nairobi which had then reported 116 cases.

By Tuesday this week, data posted by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board shows Nairobi having recorded 117 cases since the beginning of the vaccination in March.

Kakamega County has recorded the third highest number of side effects with 93 cases. But only 28 of the 47 countries have made the reports.

In total the country by 28th September 2021, had recorded a total of 1,160 cases since March this year when the exercise started.

The majority of cases, 1,108 are caused by Covishield, the AstraZeneca vaccine brand manufactured in India.

Covishield with more than a million doses, was the first brand to arrive in Kenya and the only vaccine that has been available in the country until recently.

Most of the side effects were recorded in the months of March and April after which supplies dwindled to a trickle and likewise the reports of side effects.

However, with increasing supplies of different brands into the country recently, including Moderna, the UK AstraZeneca version and Pfizer reported side effects cases spiked in September to 72.

This is the third highest monthly count since the exercise began in March and expected to rise as more people receive the jab.

In September 48 reports of side effects are attributed to the Moderna vaccine and two to the UK manufactured AstraZeneca vaccine. This vaccine goes by the brand name Vaxzervria and fully recognized in the European Union.

It is also notable that Kenya’s Pharmacy Board is registering side effects for the two AstraZeneca brands – Covishield and Vaxzervria separately.

Women continued to report more side effects than males, though the data does not indicate the severity of the events.

By Gatonye Gathura

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