Kenya records 1,032 cases of Covid 19 vaccine side effects

Kenya has recorded about 1,032 cases of side effects from the Covid 19 vaccines between March and the middle of July 2021.

Posted on the vaccines monitoring portal of the national Pharmacy and Poisons Board includes 1,030 cases caused by the Indian manufactured Covishield vaccine and two events from the  Russian Sputinik V vaccine.

The events are reported between March and July this year with most of them recorded at the beginning of the vaccination campaign.

There were 246 events in March and 212 in April, when 1.02 million doses of Covishield, arrived in Kenya from India.

Fifty-one events were reported in May; dropping to 16 in June to coincide with the exhaustion of supplies in the country. By the 29th of July 45 cases of side events had been reported for the month.

Of the reports that captured the affected gender, there were more side effects among women, 320 cases compared to 260 males.

Twenty-five of the 47 counties had reported side effects by last week, with Nairobi recording the highest at 116, Uasin Gishu 87, and Kakamega 82 events.

Of the cases where age was captured 424 were among adults while 19 happened among the elderly.

By 18th July the country had dispensed about 1.6 million doses, 1million people had received one dose while 582,000 were fully vaccinated representing about 1.1 percent of the population.

The data however does not indicate the severity levels of the recorded side effects with the Ministry of Health not keen on publicizing serious or life-threatening events.

This may be to avoid causing panic, lack of capacity to determine such cases, or advice by western benefactors to keep unpleasant issues from the public.

Within the period Kenya has also received small consignments of Covid 19 vaccines from DR Congo, South Sudan, and Denmark.

By Gatonye Gathura

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